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My Days are Numbered!

Well, here it is: my flight departs from Minneapolis in 5 days.  God is showing His perfect timing and providence in this detail as well.  As I previously posted, there is a typhoon currently over Manila.  Reports have said the rain is supposed to stop some time in the next day, but 80% of the city is flooded.  Thankfully, the places in Manila I'm headed are not, however, if I were to have flown later this week, I likely would've run into complications with flights and transportation.  Now that I'm slated to leave early next week, flood waters should have gone down and I shouldn't have a problem flying into Manila.  Also, I'm lucky in that the flight that has been booked for me is one of the shortest total travel times available for this route.  (It's still 18.5 total hours, but that's 7 hours less than average!)  For someone who hasn't dealt with a lot of jet lag and who cannot sleep on moving vehicles, I'm extremely thankful for this itinerary.

Monday afternoon will mark the beginning of my next chapter.  I don't have words for the amount of joy in my heart right now.  Three weeks ago I questioned whether this day would ever come.  It is only by the grace of God that so much support has come in such a short time.  Now the only task left is to say goodbye...


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