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Mid-quarter update

My apologies for not posting in a while!  In case word has not gotten back to you, I'm doing well after supertyphoon Yolanda/Hiyan hit the Philippines.  Manila is about 350 miles from the most impacted areas, so the most weather activity we saw with that storm system was a few inches of rain and a nice breeze for a day.  We did not have school Friday since we weren't sure what the typhoon would bring, but it turns out we could've had classes.  Oh well!  Much better safe than sorry!  We have, however, heard several personal stories about evacuations and missing persons reports.  So far, I don't personally know of anyone who has been physically harmed or killed, and the people I knew of who were missing have been found and contacted their families.  So far, we're praising God for the ways He's managed to have protected so many people, even with great devastation.  Here's a link to a couple connected with Faith Academy (their son is a teacher here and all their kids are Faith graduates) recounting their experience in the typhoon.

Thank you for checking in on me.  I was overwhelmed by the number of Facebook messages from folks just checking in to make sure I was okay.  It means a lot to hear from people from home -- please don't let a supertyphoon be the only reason to write!

Several others have asked "How can I help?"  There are literally dozens of people and organizations I could connect you with, so actually, the best thing to do would be to email me directly ( and mention what type of help (financial, physical stuff donations, prayer, sending mission teams, etc) you'd like information on.

On a different note, I'll be home in about 5 weeks!  I'm only home for the Christmas Break, but I'm so happy to be able to spend the holiday season with my friends and family.  I'll be bringing pearls as well, so if there's something you'd like or if you'd like to see what I'm bringing, let me know!  I will be needing to do a bit of fund-raising while I'm home because the VISA costs just keep rising and the middle of the year are some of the most expensive months.  If you would like to donate now towards my last 6 months in the Philippines, go ahead and visit and follow the prompts through, making sure to use your PayPal account and entering my name when asked.

I continue to be blessed by my students who are working hard to keep a level head through projects, presentations, papers, and lots of reading for class.  Even on days that haven't gone as planned, I'm blessed by their simple, "Thank you, Ms. Olson!" as they each leave the classroom.  I really do work with some of the best kids on the planet! :)


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