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Easter and the Garden Moments of Quarter 4

As I write this, there are 27 classroom days left in this school year and at my time at Faith.

27 days.  Just over 5 weeks until the school year is done.

4th quarter isn't just here, it's half gone already and there are moments like these I find myself reeling at the pace of this time of year, and at the reality of how quickly it will soon be gone.  There's a large part of me that is already dreaming "American dreams" -- not to mention the part that's head-long into a job search and praying about what's next.

But there's another part that's just dying to savor the moment.
My students don't know this yet, but I've begun to write letters to each one of them.  Over the year I've had the 8th graders, I've been taking notes on 'big' things and little things that I've seen change in them.  I've kept track of worries they've prayed for in their journals, stories they talk about in class, or dreams God has put on my he…