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Part 2: Thanksgiving: A Taste of Heaven

I have come out of my food coma and after a very long Thanksgiving Day in Manila, I struggle to find words meaningful enough to express what's in my heart.  Yesterday was one of the best Thanksgiving's I've had in probably a decade.  (When I was 12, our family went to Disney World -- that pretty much takes the cake...)  Even with very mixed emotions, I was able to enjoy some great moments of true thankfulness.  Here are some highlights:

Early morning:
The middle school division always has a Thanksgiving breakfast, prepared by Ms. Fry.  She cooked enough hashbrowns, eggs, sausage, bacon, and cinnamon rolls for 30 people who all had to be to class by 7 AM.  It was a beautiful thing to see so many teachers taking the time out of their morning to sit together, eat, and start the day with thankfulness.

Our 7th period Creative Worship class had their last chapel on Wednesday, so for our Thursday rehearsal, they had nothing to rehearse.  My co-teacher and I realized thi…

Part 1: Thanksgiving in the Fil's

Today is a very odd day.  I know that it's November 22, I know that at home it's deep into the Fall season, and I know that today is Thanksgiving... but it doesn't feel like it.  It's still 80 and humid here with palm trees and smog above the skyline.  In the place of crunchy fall leaves, I have to settle for crunchy bugs -- not the same.

It's an odd thing to be thousands of miles from the US and still be celebrating its holidays.  I'm thankful for the Americans that work at Faith Academy because today we're all feeling the same thing: a longing to be "home" for pumpkin pie and football coupled with the conviction that this IS where we're supposed to be.  For some of us Americans, it's only a season of missing a few holidays and birthdays.  For others, it's a life-long sacrifice, a price they pay for obedience to a Higher calling.

Later this evening I'll be going to a Thanksgiving feast with several other Americans.  I'll be su…

The Life-Giving Things

The past two weeks have had a lot of unusual things in them: concerts, guests on campus, an international honor band, and days off of school.  It's felt very wonky and out-of-sync.  My Type-A personality has been further exhausted just because of the unpredictable things of everyday lately.  But along the way, God has been gracious enough to bring me a few people and a few moments that have kept my perspective in check.  Let me recount them for you.  Perhaps they will bless you much like they blessed me.

Two Wednesdays ago I had the privilege of speaking in Chapel for the High School student body.  The Chaplain asked my co-teacher and myself to both speak on the topic of Worship and what that means for us as believers.  We decided to split the time in half, so it was really only 15 minutes of speaking.  I have to confess, as of the Tuesday night prior to my speaking, I had only a vague outline.  For those who know me well, you're probably wide-eyed and open-mouthed... Jacque, …

(Unplanned) Antipolo Prayer Walk

Up until this point, I've done a pretty decent job of posting regularly about life in Manila.  But if I'm really honest, I have to admit I've left out a lot of silly stories of cultural blunders and mishaps.  Today's mishap is just too good not to share.  So, away with my dignity, here goes nothing.

We didn't have school on Thursday or Friday because of All Soul's Day.  On Friday, Harold, a beloved co-worker with ADD, a killer sense of humor, and a thick Canadian accent, took myself and 7 other single women to a few sights in Manila we'd not explored yet.  He wanted to take us to a place with petroglyfs from the early 3000s BC and they were just outside Antipolo -- a suburb near my subdivision.  So, Saturday morning we piled into Harold's SUV and drove through Antipolo.  On our way, Harold pointed out a grocery store I've heard referenced probably two dozen times since arriving.  I'd always wondered where it was, and when he pointed it out, I re…