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For My Seniors and All Those God Has Called to Walk with Him Over Seas

I woke up at 3:25 AM today after a fitful night’s sleep that was far too short.   I tried convincing myself to just roll over and go back to sleep, but these days that’s not so easy.   Sometimes the things we know we need to do are the hardest to actually accomplish. All of fourth quarter, my Creative Worship kids have been sort of drifting through classes, often distracted, but always with a positive attitude.   Each Thursday we start with a devotion led by one of the students.   And each Thursday, it seemed like we collectively felt the weight of the end of the quarter pressing heavier every time we met.   I have 6 Seniors in the class who are waking up to their last day of high school as I write this.   One other student in the class is leaving Faith Academy this year to return to another mission field, and I am leaving as well.   There is only one student among the 9 of us who is not leaving, but even he knows the agony of the end of an era.   He’s a survivor of the Yoland