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Ecuador 2015

Last week I had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to travel to Ecuador with 21 teens and three other adults to minister to both missionaries and local Ecuadorians.  The 11 days we spent abroad will likely remain a highlight of my year, and probably in my life for several reasons.  God showed up.  Here's my brief attempt to give you a glimpse of what happened. The team we took down was comprised of 21 very unique students, most of whom were 15 or 16 (the youngest we would allow).  I was nervous about our team being young and that so many of the students had never been out of the country, muchless to a place similar to the third-world set-up we were headed into.  There were very strong personalities and more than a few quirks (including my own) that made me wonder just how well we would get along for 11 straight days.  A majority of the students come from one of the wealthiest suburbs in the metro area -- not a bad thing, just another dynamic that would push the students further out