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Quick Thanks

Just a quick post today!

I spent some time reviewing my finances from the past 5 months and for the first time in probably my entire life, I was so happy by the end, I just had to share.

If you're unfamiliar with how many mission organizations work, the basic idea for financial income is for the missionary to raise their own financial support for their entire term, often because they're going to work at a place that cannot afford to pay their staff.  Such is the case with Faith Academy.  My mission organization (TeachBeyond) has the standard that a missionary needs to have 90% of their projected budget pledged (meaning promised but not necessarily given) in order to even book a plane ticket to the field.

So, as I was reviewing my pledges and the week-to-week reports of giving, I was shocked at the outcome: 99% of those who pledged have given every single month.  There have only been 2 individual payments that never came through out of almost 200.  I am humbled by that number …

Redefining "Second" Semester

Happy New Year to all!

We are officially back and underway at Faith Academy.  This week marks the exact middle point of my first year here.  Although I've only been back for a week, life is certainly VERy different than it was a week ago.  Here's the scoop:

Creative Worship was already slated to be only one class period this semester instead of two in anticipation of fewer students signing up.  This estimate was correct, but the unforeseen estimate that needed to be made had to do with the other classes offered at the same time.  Long story short, Tuesday, as I'm waiting for a flood of students to come in, the clock just kept ticking... finally at 11:08 a student came in and sat down and another at 11:09.  I waited a few minutes to see if anyone else would run in, confused about room numbers or teachers, but no one did.  Two kids.  Oh crud.

My co-teacher and I talked with the guidance counselor and administration to discuss our options and the decision was made that at lea…