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Small words, big impact

Today marks 6 months of being in Manila!  WHOOHOO!!!

As promised in a pervious blog post, I said I'd explain some of the great life lessons I learned on Outdoor Education last week.  This week was supposed to be a week to take kids out of their normal environment so they can be more aware of the other ways God moves in people's lives.  Ironically, the lessons God taught me were not the lessons we were supposed to teach our kids.  God used a few very powerful moments to shake me up and sensitize my heart to what's really going on in the Philippines.

This video is of our group singing with the children we ministered to at a school near the Base Camp.  We were only at the school for 2 hours and we spent about 20 minutes singing in a large group.  The Faith Academy kids worked hard to learn the tagalog for these songs.  This particular song is widely known in the english and tagalog world, but there were several others that didn't quite translate one way or another.

Oh yeah, it's February...

Well, dear readers, I made it back alive from Outdoor Education 2013.  My girls were fantastic and we had a lot of fun, even if the logistics of hauling 15 people everywhere weren't exactly easy.  We were very short on time all week, but in some ways, I'm glad, because if we hadn't kept moving so quickly, I think many of us would've collapsed out of exhaustion after Tuesday.  Day 1 was spent traveling and finding a few landmarks along the Bataan Death March route.  Day 2 we split into 3 large groups, so my group headed to the beach for activities and the chance to release baby turtles!  Day 3 was spent at Corregidor Island where we learned a ton about WWII and the invasion of Manila Bay by the Japanese forces.  We slept outside under and AMAZING display of the stars with a cool breeze from the ocean.  Day 4 we traveled back to Base Camp in Bataan and spent the day doing games and then making our own supper, which was certainly a trick with 13 girls and only 3 knives.  …

We're Going on an Adventure!

In less than 24 hours, I'll be on a bus with the entire Faith Academy middle school on our way to Outdoor Education 2013.  This is the week all the middle schooler's have been waiting for -- a week off school and time on the beach and at the historic island of Corregidor.

The island of Corregidor is a well-preserved war memorial from WWII.  It was bombed by the Japanese at the same time as Pearl Harbor, so it holds huge historical value for both the Asian and American citizens at Faith Academy.  We'll take all 200 middle schooler's on a tour of the island, including tunnels formerly occupied by Japanese and Filipino forces 60 years ago.  I visited the island over Christmas Break so here are a few pictures I took in December.

We'll also be spending some time at the beach, learning about species preservation and releasing baby turtles into the ocean.  Half of our nights will be spent outdoors and the other half will be in a very rustic indoor setting.  Certainly, th…