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Great Night

Last night some friends and I made our weekly visit to a girls' home for a time of worship and hanging out.  We've been going long enough that we have inside jokes and special handshakes with many of the girls and have developed some strong relationships with others.  It continues to be a highlight of my week.  Last night was particularly refreshing though.

It's Hot Season in the Philippines which means temperatures rise to 100+ degrees F each day and hardly get below 85.  It doesn't rain much and when it does, very few drops actually wet the ground because the air is dry enough that they evaporate either while falling or almost as soon as they hit the hot ground.  We've been told that any time now the rainy season will begin and just like my first months here, we'll need to tote an umbrella everywhere for the sudden heavy downpours.  Last night, for the first time in quite a while, we had heavy rain.

We had noticed the storm clouds building but no one was gett…

Final 50 days of the year

As of Sunday, US time, I will have 50 days left of my first school year.  I cannot believe it's been over 8 months since arriving!  There is so much to be done before the end of the school year, but 50 days suddenly doesn't sound like so long anymore.

This week has been one of the more difficult weeks to observe.  Monday morning within 2 minutes of arriving at school and opening my computer, my dad was Skype calling me to tell me about the Boston bombing.  It was surreal to watch Diane Sawyer live form 10,000 miles away via Skype.  Same story went for Wednesday when the huge explosion in Texas happened.  We have several people on staff at Faith who are from Texas so we were getting updates as soon as they were available online.  And now last night and this morning again in Boston...  It's so strange to be this far away and so reliant on internet sources.  I've learned a lot this week about which news sites are fastest and most credible but it's really strange to no…


It's time for an update!

Fourth quarter has finally arrived!!!  So many people are beginning to pack up, sell things, figure out living arrangements, and sign contracts for the upcoming year and it's a bittersweet season.  One thing that has kept a smile on my face has been my Friday night dates.  (Don't get too excited...)  I was invited a few weeks ago to come to a home for young girls who've been rescued from abusive situations and/or human trafficking.  I wasn't sure what to expect the first time, but it didn't take long to fall in love with all 29 of these girls.  The woman who runs the house is Josie and she calls her girls her "angels," which is how the house got the name "Josie's Angels" or JAZ.  Going to JAZ every week to sing and hang out with these girls has been the highlight of my week every week for a month now.

I wish I could bring each one of you to experience their joy, smiles, and hugs the moment we walk in the door. …