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Spiritual Speed Bumps

Well, after 4 weeks of interrupted schedules, half days, and typhoons messing up our plans, we've finally got our first Monday of the school year.  Friday was mid-quarter (yep, it's really been 5 weeks) but for so many teachers it feels like we're just barely under way.  For the most part, life is very very good.  Again, I cannot echo previous posts enough: God is SO faithful in the ways He protects and provides for me, for my students, and for Faith Academy.  He continues to sustain us even after two pretty large typhoons threatened to flood the city.  Thankfully, the rain stopped in time and the city officials did not decide to open the dam flood gates.

Here's a look at half of my students on "Game Day" of Friendship week:

But, as with everything good from the Lord, there is often a very bitter Satan behind the scenes, just waiting for a moment to jump in and bite some ankles.  All it takes is a couple full weeks for our natural human nature to kick in and…