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Quarter 3 is Cruising!

I absolutely cannot believe it's the second week of February already.  WOW -- we are 4 weeks into quarter 3 and it seems like I just got back from the States for Christmas.  There's quite a bit to catch you up on, so here are some highlights:

January 8: I arrived safely back in the Philippines after a hard 36 hours of travel and delays due to the polar vortex... Praise be to God that my bags made it on the same flights I did and greeted me once I finally arrived.  I had approximately 2 hours to get from the airport to my condo, shower, and repack a backpack for school.  I taught a full day on literally zero sleep and to-date I think my students are still joking about the nonsense that was coming out of my jet-lagged mouth.

January 9: After the first full night's sleep in almost a week, I came to school to get back into a routine, only to have my laptop crash during second period.  (Panic!)  I brought it to the ITS department here and was told the hard drive was totally sho…