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Behind the pictures... The Philippines: Exposed

I recently took a short weekend trip with two pals of mine to the northern portion of the island I live on to see some of the rice terraces that the Philippines is famous for.  (The bus ride cost $20 round-trip and we estimate we got a room for one night and three meals for about $19 US.  Couldn't pass it up!) I had never heard of the area we were staying in, so naturally, I Googled it.  Before I post any of my own pictures, here's what came up on my Google search:

Searching for "Banaue Philippines rice terraces"

So, I recognized that in reality it's not "peak season" up north because it's been the cooler time of year, so naturally the rice is growing slower and being planted.  Hot season is just winding up, so peak season happens in about a month's time and lasts through the summer months.  We were told that the terraces wouldn't be quite as beautiful as they could be, but they're still absolutely worth seeing.  While this held true, I …