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Part 3: UN-becoming a Daycare Lady; The Case for Self-Care and Learning to Say ‘No’

While the title of this blogpost may come as a surprise to those who read and encouraged me in the season of being a daycare lady, I can say with great confidence: Nothing is a surprise to God.  To those who knew about my sudden career shift, here’s the story you may have wanted to ask about, but didn’t think it polite or timely. Sometimes I think it’s easier to step into something hard than it is to step out of it.   It’s easier to climb up a tree you’ve never scaled before, but scary to jump down.   It’s easier to eat until your belly is completely full than it is to wish away that “busting at the seams” feeling an hour later.   It’s easier to start your homework than it is to finish the part you don’t like or don’t understand. It’s easier to make a mess than to clean it up – just ask a toddler. About a year ago, I had taken part in a high ropes course.   As a chaperone for a group of 20 teens, I let them go one-by-one to climb, balance, and jump off various courses.   I kne